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Litho Lamination and Mounting

Trade Lamination 

Our three laminating machines provide an unrivalled trade laminating and mounting service. 

Whether jobs are manufactured on our Asitrade laminator or on our Stock machine, we are able to laminate both single faced and double faced materials including F, E, R, B, C, NE, FE, EB and BC flute grades. 

In addition, our ultra large format Automatän machine can laminate materials up to 20,000 micron (20mm) in caliper, as well as catering for any double-sided laminating specifications you may require.

Machine Tolerances:

Single Faced Corrugated:
Max: 1650 (Flute) X 1650MM (Print Sheet)
Min:  470 (Flute) X 465MM (Print Sheet)

Double Faced Corrugated:
Max: 1510 X 2050MM (Print Sheet)
Max: 2030 X 3050MM (Base Board)
Min: 250 X 150MM (Print Sheet)
Min: 400 X 400MM (Base Board)

Large Format Litho Laminating; Automatän Model EM

Swanline operate Europe's largest format litho laminator, which gives clients a unique opportunity to develop value added products into the POS and packaging sectors. 

The benefits of this machine go well beyond a credible alternative to screen, flexo or digital print. 

This machine can also spot laminate sheets in a pre-determined position, or even apply different sheets simultaneously to opposite faces of a substrate. 

In addition, the machine can cut to register and mount sheets from a web reel. This function is particularly useful for mounting digitally printed paper from a reel to a rigid substrate, or for mounting embossed papers and generic prints from a reel. 

Opportunities are limited only by a designer's imagination, so take advantage of the exceptional possibilities that can be created from this machine and contact us to find out how.

Automatän Model EM tolerances:

Maximum Litho Printed Top Sheet Size: 1510 x 2050mm (label)
Maximum Un-printed Top Sheet Size: 1650 x 2080mm (label)
Maximum Rigid Base Board Size: 2030 x 3050mm

Material substrates:

Rigid Base Board - 1500 micron (1.5mm) up to 20,000 micron (20mm)
Top Sheet - 75 micron (.075mm) up to 280 micron (.280mm)
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Even if Swanline does not supply the printed sheets for your laminating requirement, we can still collect your print and provide a fast, quality turnaround of your order.
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