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Special Finishes

Embossing & Debossing

This technique creates a raised, 3D image on a paper substrate or similar material. It is typically accomplished with a combination of heat and pressure on the paper using a metal die and a counter die, whioch form the fibres of the substrate into the corresponding die design. 

The combination of pressure and heat 'irons' the design into the paper giving attractive results, particularly when combined with offset lithographic print or metallic blocking. 

In contrast to embossing, the debossing effect creates a depressed impression on stock. Utilising the same technique, only in reverse, debossing pushes an image below the surface level of a material. 

Foil Blocking

Hot Foil Blocking:
This process is the application of a foil (often gold, silver or bronze) to paper. A heated die is stamped onto the foil securing it to the surface and leaving the design of the die on the paper. Hot foil blocking can be combined with embossing or debossing to create a more striking 3D image. 

Cold Foil Blocking:
Similar to Hot Foil Blocking but, as implied by the name, doesn't involve applying the foil by heat. It is an inline process that runs in conjunction with printing, and the design is applied via UV activated adhesive rather than a heated die. 

OPP (Oriented Polypropylene) Film Lamination

Swanline's Billhofer OPP film laminator applies a gloss or matt film to litho printed sheets and paper substrates. Its durable, scuff-resistant surface is ideal for pack or display purposes, and offers a great alternative to UV varnishes and sealants. 

With the laminator, we are also able to apply Metalized PET films to paper that can subsequently be screen printed, spot varnished or digitally printed for high quality packaging products. 

Max Sheet Size: 1020 X 1400MM

Spot UV

Spot UV varnish can be used to great effect in highlighting specific graphic or text areas, and in helping to create a premium appearance. It is also possible to add texture to the varnish, giving a luxury feel to the print.
Top Secret
Swanline can also offer high quality glitter varnishes for gift packaging requirements!
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