Swanline Print Limited - The Industry's Secret Service

Speciality Gluing & Hand Finishing

Swanline offers a gluing service using an Andrew & Suter Supernova speciality gluer, which broadens our ability to offer a one-stop shop for your packaging and point-of-sale requirements - all with confidentiality guaranteed. The machine can be used for many box styles and size combinations, including four corner and crash lock glued cartons. 

We also operate a semi-automatic hot-melt gluing machine that caters for most large format display and packaging requirements. Our Bickers Gluejet 17.25 X/Y geometric pattern gluer significantly increases productivity and helps alleviate the bottleneck normally associated with hand gluing. The large format size of the machine allows precise application of adhesive and therefore gives Swanline's creative design team a broader scope to exploit its manufacturing capabilities.
Top Secret
Swanline's complete 'design to delivery' service offers a full hand finishing and assembly service as well as fulfilment, packing and distribution. 
Top Secret